8 Expert Winter Hair Care Tips

winter hair care tips away from the salon

8 Expert Winter Hair Care Tips

Cold outside and dry heat inside during the winter can wreak havoc on your hair. If not properly cared for all, that cold and drying heat can cause split ends, breakage, not to mention unruly frizz and a dry itchy scalp.  To combat the winter hair blues, master stylist, Sandi of Hair By Arensman, in Plano, recommends doing these 8 things.

1.  Step Away From The Hair Dryer And Straightener And Stay There

blow drying hair

Hair dryers and straighteners are harmful enough without adding cold winter weather and dryness into the mix. Not only are they extremely drying and damaging to your hair but they also strip away natural oils that are moisturizing and protecting your scalp and hair follicles. If you absolutely cannot style your locks without a dryer or straightener, talk to your stylist or ask me what products would be the least harmful to your hair and how best to use them. 

2. Shampoo Less Often To Prevent A Dry Itchy Scalp And Allow Your Natural Oils To Moisturize Your Hair

Shampooing your hair removes natural oils that are needed to moisturize your scalp. It also causes skin plaques to build up and smother the scalp which causes itching and flaking and even prevents your hair from growing. I recommend shampooing your hair with Hair By Arensman Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner no more than once a week, if you can. 

3. Apply A Natural Oil Serum To Your Hair Daily 

Blasts of dry air are not good for any hair. Curly, wavy, relaxed, and coiled hair is even more susceptible to cold weather. To tame that frizz, repair and prevent brittleness, breakage, and split ends, give your hair shine, and replenish moisture daily, apply a nutrient rich oil, like Hair By Arensman Amethyst Oil, onto your ends and comb it through your hair. For fine, weak, fragile, dry or frizzy hair, Hair By Arensman Everyday Miracle Treatment will smooth, detangle, repair and nourish your hair, all while boosting internal moisture levels and helping seal split ends.

4. Include Weekly Deep Moisturizing Hair Treatments in Your Winter Hair Care Routine

deep repair treatment to restore and revitalize damage

To replenish the moisture and nutrients winter whisks away, treat your hair and scalp to a weekly deep conditioning treatment.  Hair By Arensman Deep Repair Treatment is keratin infused to fortify and strengthen hair while adding moisture, shine, resilience, and heat protection. 

5. Pamper Your Locks With A Monthly Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Styling, heat, dry winter weather, wind, sun (yes winter sun is damaging), coloring, and alcohol based products take a toll on your hair and scalp. Replenish nutrients and moisture with a monthly deep conditioning treatment at a salon. At Hair By Arensman, in Plano, your hair will be treated to a 30 minute deep conditioning experience using customized products. For over-processed, brittle, fragile or extremely damaged hair, have monthly Olaplex treatments instead. 

6. Allow Your Hair To Dry Completely Before Heading Outside

Wet hair breaks in the cold much easier than dry. As the hair shaft expands in the cold, your hair breaks AND your color fades faster. 

7.  Line Your Winter Hats With Satin Or Silk To Prevent Split Ends

To reduce static and split ends, wear hats that are lined with slippery fabrics like satin or silk. 

8. Opt For A Darker Blonde

Winter is a good time to allow your hair to repair itself. Platinum is a showstopper but all that bleaching is very hard on hair. Go for a trending darker blonde or show off your darker roots and allow more growth between lightening treatments. Your hair will thank you.