$ 75
  • Whatever style you have in mind, there is no one in Plano who will do it better. Not only will Sandi create the look you want but she'll teach you how to keep it looking salon styled day after day. Depending on the length of hair and complexity of cut, the cost of your cut and style will vary. Whether you are simply looking to maintain the style you have, or coming in for a total transformation, Sandi will work with you to achieve your styling goals.


$ 45
  • To achieve the cleanest, smoothest cut possible, no clippers are used. Our scalps are not smooth. In order to avoid injury, opening healed wounds or nicking uneven skin, Sandi only use scissors and combs. When it comes to men’s hair, she is exceptionally adept at every style you can think of. From tattoos to long waves, tapered blowouts and classic combed backs or pompadours. You will leave her chair looking your absolute best.


$ 80
  • Shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry & style. My blowouts are legendary. When you want to make a grand entrance, a blowout and style by Hair By Arensman can’t be beat. Sandi's award-winning blowouts can be classic or cutting edge and nothing short of show-stopping.


$ 45 applies to service or product
  • Need a new image to match your new career, promotion, or embark on the next chapter of your life with confidence? It is both an honor and a pleasure to help you make your mark with a polished look from head to toe. Sandi applies her decades of experience in hair, fashion, and cosmetology to provide 1-on-1 expert assistance updating your image from hair to wardrobe. And there's a perfect Bonus: your entire investment applies towards any hair salon service or any of Sandi's custom hair care products.

NEW hair color

$ 45 applies to service or product
  • If you'd like to brighten, lighten, change or correct the color of your hair, but are uncertain of which shades of hair coloring look best with your skin tone, come in to receive personalized color insight and overall image guidance as Sandi applies her decades of experience in hair, fashion and cosmetology to style-advise you from head to toe. And there's a perfect Bonus:: your entire investment applies towards any hair salon service or any of Sandi's custom hair care products.


$ 180
  • Weddings, graduations, special photoshoots, and formal occasions call for up-do styles. When you want to capture the elegance of the past or an air of romance, have me create a magical formal up-do for you and your party. When the occasion calls for gowns and gloves, finish the visage with an amazing formal up-do style by me.



Every color is custom made for you – a color that both enhances your image and compliments skin tone. I use only the finest quality products and time tested treatments, and my signature processing techniques will leave your hair radiant and healthy every time. Whatever the condition of your hair and your hair coloring goals, I am honored to serve you the exceptional experience – guaranteed.


$ 17 per foil
  • Want to add a pop of color? Accent foils are an economical and very effective option. You can add a highlight here or a lowlight there to add interest or a little fun with ease.

Base color

Global Application or Touch-up
$ 150
  • As your hair grows, your natural color begins to show. To keep your color looking fresh, I will match your color, touch up your regrowth and make sure it blends in seamlessly. A typical base color service takes a minimum of 2hrs. Depending on your hair thickness, density and length of regrowth, it may take longer.

Base Color + Partial Highlights

$ 197
  • When retouching your regrowth, why not add a few highlights and/or lowlights to give it some depth?


$ 220
  • Balayage is a hair color technique whose name originated from the French meaning “to sweep.” How it differs from Ombré is both in technique and style. With color being applied in sweeping motions, not all ends will be affected equally and the transition between dark and light is much more gradual and natural looking. The hair is then left to air dry for even lightening.

BASE color + FULL

$ 217
  • When you want highlights throughout your hair while touching up regrowth, full highlights are the way to go. I will work with you to create the perfect look.

BLEACH / Blonde +

$ 185
  • Looking to go blonde? Or lighten a blonde you already have? Lightening your hair can be a delicate, gradual process, depending on how dark your hair is now, its condition, and how light you want to go, ultimately. I have extensive experience turning even the darkest hair into gorgeous and healthy platinum blonde.


$ 220
  • Ombré is a haircolor technique that is a marked transition from darker at the scalp to light at the ends. Unlike balayage, all the ends are affected and the transition between light and dark is short.


$ 220
  • Similar in technique to Balayage, color is swept on the hair. However, instead of simply letting it dry on the hair, sections of hair are covered in foils to lighten the hair further, amplifying the lifting effect of the highlights. If you are looking for that beach blonde look or your hair is very dark and you are looking for a dramatic color transformation, a foilyage is for you.


$ 167
  • Partial highlights are a great way to frame your face, brighten, and provide depth to your color and style. When you just want accents in a few places, talk to Sandi about partial highlights. She will create a custom color that you will love and is best for your skin and hair tones.


$ 197
  • When you want to have an overall lighter look and add dimension without applying bleach to all your hair, the best way to achieve amazing results is through full highlights. Your treatment includes a cut and finishing style. Adding a Glaze, Gloss or Toner will brighten, balance, add shine and protect your color from fading too quickly ($44).


$ 110
  • As the name suggests, shadow root treatment is a technique where the hair closest to the scalp is darkened or left natural to add interest and depth as it appears as though your new growth is casting a shadow on the rest of your hair. When you want to emphasize the effect of your ombré, balayage, or foilyage, a shadow root is just the thing to add that wow factor.


Revive and extend the life of your coloring service by stopping in for my popular Gloss treatment in between color treatments. This will restore the shine and luster of your hair. Sandi highly recommends adding a Gloss, Toner or Glaze treatment immediately following your hair color or highlight service to seal in color further and protect your hair from environmental elements. She will help you determine which of these treatments will serve your hair best.

Toner OR Glaze

$ 44
  • A gloss is a non-permanent color treatment designed to add drama to your color or create a subtle change. A toner or glaze is a non-permanent, peroxide-free color or sheer shade that helps you achieve your ideal blonde tone and seal in shine. Either treatment lasts about 5 or 6 weeks. Sun, washing, styling, and time will fade your color. Popping into the salon for a toner or gloss application every couple months to refresh your color is a quick and inexpensive way to make your color look fabulous longer.


$ 330 + products
  • Whatever your hair color emergency, Sandi will save the day and your hair. During your hair rescue consultation she will assess the situation and design a plan that will achieve the results you desire. Her customized treatment plan will correct a color mishap and give you the look you had intended. Depending on your hair type, condition, products that were used, and color you are removing or correcting, multiple processes and gradual treatments may be required. Because I have to create custom products to rescue you from a hair disaster, the cost of the products will be extra.

deep repair hair
& scalp mask

$ 40 + products
  • Styling, heat, wind, sun, coloring, and alcohol based products take a toll on hair. Come in once a month for deep conditioning to replenish nutrients and moisture, using my exclusive, customized Hair By Arensman products. For textured, or dry, damaged hair, more frequent treatments are recommended in order to achieve the same results.


$ 385
  • Sandi creates a customized smoothing treatment that will achieve the look and feel you desire. Whether it’s a Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Treatment, or glyoxylic acid, she achieves the smooth, sleek finish you desire. Depending on your hair and the style you ultimately want, she may recommend you have a smoothing treatment before your cut.


$ 30
  • Chemicals, minerals, and environmental exposure can build up on your hair making it unhealthy and inhibit its ability to take to color treatments. A pre-color mineral removal is a conditioning treatment that removes chlorine, salt, and other minerals that damage hair. It will enrich, condition, and strengthen your hair in order to prepare it for your color treatment.


$ 220
  • Love having wavy or curly hair but hate rollers or spending hours curling your hair? Perms are a low maintenance way to achieve the curls you want for several months.

Extreme Repair
+ Blow out

$ 105
  • Give your hair extreme love with Sandi's 4-step process created for when you have excessive split ends, dry, brittle, or extreme hair tangling or color faded hair be it natural or previously colored hair. Highly recommended for color correction. For delicate hair. Save your hair, don't cut it. Afterwards, she'll give you a show-stopping blow dry and style.



$ 50
  • Olaplex treatments repair and strengthen extremely damaged hair at the molecular level by repairing the very bonds that give the hair structure and strength. As a result, your hair is miraculously transformed into healthy, shiny, beautiful, touchable hair. This extreme repair treatment is ideal for over-processed, dry, brittle, fragile hair.


$ 80 applies to service or product
  • Unsure how to maintain your style? Want to learn how to care for your hair in the best way possible? Sandi loves to educate people on hair health and proper care. Bring into the salon everything you use to care for and style your hair. You'll show me your style routine and she will critique and show you how to use your products properly. If what you are doing is harming your hair, Sandi will recommend better equipment and products, and teach you how to use them well to maintain your style and keep your hair healthy.

Extreme Repair

$ 55
  • 4-step process created for when you have excessive split ends, dry, brittle, or extreme hair tangling or color faded hair be it natural or previously colored hair. Highly recommended for color correction. For delicate hair. Save your hair, don't cut it.

K18 hair repair

$ 55
  • K18Peptide™ its a revolutionary Hair Mist and Mask product, clinically proven to repair damaged hair services in just 4 minutes and return your hair to an incredible 91% original strength and 94% original elasticity. K18 repairs even the most extreme damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat by reconnecting broken keratin chains, and renewing hair to its most youthful, healthy state. Vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free.

Break the base

$ 44
  • Lighten natural hair by 1 to 1½ levels which diffuses dark roots. Your hair gets a rest from lightening/bleach and there's a little more growth to work with when its time for a highlight touchup. Your hair gets healthier because there's little to no overlapping of lightener, which can weaken the hair over time. This can be done during a highlight appointment, as an add-on to a haircut, conditioning treatment, or blowout service.Also adds shine, control and body.



Hair by Arensman is located inside the exquisite Salons at JC .

When you arrive to the salon please text/call 214-405-3311 to let us know you’re here and we’ll guide inside.

For safety reasons children are not permitted in the hair salon.

We look forward to serving you the exceptional experience!

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