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Why A Consultation With Your Hair Stylist Is Needed

If you read hair styling articles, you know every trusted stylist will tell you that you need a consultation with your stylist before your hair appointment. As a master stylist, I love hair consultations and here’s why. 

Consultations give you an opportunity to get to know your stylist and give your stylist the chance to analyze your hair, learn about your lifestyle, beauty routines (and whether you have any), determine what is required, and how long it will take to achieve the hairstyle you desire. 

Additionally, a hairstyle consultation allows your stylist to analyze your features, structure, and help you choose the most flattering hairstyle for you that you can maintain at home. 

As a master stylist, I love conducting hair consultations with my guests. 

From the moment you walk into my luxury boutique Plano salon, Hair By Arensman, I am taking mental notes about your face structure and physique. 

Hair consultations allow me to learn about you and start visualizing styles that are going to bring out your best and fit your lifestyle. If you have a style in mind, I am conceptualizing how I can achieve the look you want with your unique hair, body structure, and make it something you can easily maintain at home. 

Hair Consultations Enable Your Stylist To Plan What Needs To Be  Done

A skilled stylist who is passionate about helping you feel beautiful through an amazing hair style, like myself, will not do anything with your hair until they’ve conducted a thorough hair consultation. 

A consultation enables me to determine what I need to do to make your hair goals happen and determine whether that includes a special hair treatment or a second visit.

Arrange A VIP Styling And Complimentary Consultation At Hair By Arensman

During the consultation I will provide you with a reliable cost and time estimate. I also make sure our expectations are aligned so you can plan the day of your appointment accordingly! 

How Long Does A Hair Consultation Take?

Typically, a hair consultation takes about 15 to 30 minutes depending on how dramatic a change you want to achieve with your new hairstyle. 

Quite often, a hair consultation is done at the beginning of your initial appointment. If your hair goals require more than one styling session, that will be determined and your follow-up hair appointments can be made. 

Pre-Styling Hair Consultations Ensure That Your Stylist Has Everything Ready For Your Appointment

Hair consultations help both your stylist and you prepare. Knowing exactly what needs to be done to achieve your hair goals, I can easily gather the products and equipment required and have everything ready. 

A complimentary holistic hair consultation allows your stylist and you to prepare for your hair service. Book one today!

What Happens During A Hair Consultation? 

The video below demonstrates what a hair consultation with me, Sandi Arensman, involves and why I love them so much.

A Complimentary Hair Consultation From Your Stylist Means No Surprises 

Any stylist who is passionate about providing quality hair services that meet your hair goals will require a complimentary hair consultation before beginning your hair services. 

Hair consultations ensure that there are no surprises for you or your stylist. Your stylist will already know the condition of your hair and know exactly how to care for it so there will be no hair disasters. 

Complimentary Hair Consultations Ensure That You Will Receive The Best Service Possible And Your Hair Goals Are Achieved

Regardless of your hairstyle goals, it all begins with a holistic hair consultation. 

If you walk into a salon and the stylist starts your service immediately without analyzing your hair, learning about you, your lifestyle, or previous hair treatment history, politely excuse yourself and come see me at Hair By Arensman. If you aren’t in the Dallas area, contact me instead. I will gladly connect you with an exceptional stylist in your area.