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My must-have lineup of products with phenomenal performance, feel, and fragrance.

Biomineral Technology

Biomineral Technology uses natural minerals and botanical proteins to deliver hair that is soft, strong, resilient and full of shine.

Within each of my products is a unique selection of minerals and proteins designed to deliver all the nutritional benefits healthy hair needs.

When minerals like quartz, bismuth and rhodochrosite are paired with proteins such as pumpkin seed, quinoa, and silk protein, the building blocks for healthy hair are repaired deep within the hair for lasting results.

Amethyst Oil


This precious, deep-penetrating oil adds dazzling shine and a high-gloss finish, as it softens and smoothes hair. Hemp seed proteins tame frizz and flyaways, while amethyst biominerals provide heat protection. 

  • Boosts your hair color’s vibrancy
  • Absorbs fast, so it won’t build up or make hair look greasy
  • Contains zero parabens, sulfates or gluten

Apply before blow drying to reduce drying time and help prevent breakage. Smooth on after drying for weightless, luminous shine on any hair type, any time.

Amplifying Foam


Amp it up with this flexible, no-flake foam that adds incredible volume without stiffness. Quinoa Protein nourishes and protects hair with amino acids, while enhancing fullness. Bentonite Clay adds flexible strength. With lightweight support and medium-to-firm hold for brushable style memory. Just work it through damp hair from roots to ends before styling.

  • Won’t add dryness or cause frizzing or static
  • Lifts hair from the roots through the lengths
  • Provides moveable hold, adds strength and protects



Short, sharp shapes and styles with details demand extra control and definition! Whether you want a sharper edge, highly defined curls, perfectly placed bangs or just a little spot control, get the edge with Edge! It tames strays and unruly strands, adding definition, hold and lasting control. With Rose Quartz to shields against damage and frizz, and Hibiscus Extract to protect hair as it conditions and boosts natural shine. Use on wet or dry hair.

  • With a water-based formula that won’t flake, frizz or add stiffness
  • Leaves hair with a natural-looking, semi-matte finish
  • Ideal for all hair types

Everyday Miracle Treatment


Whose hair couldn’t use a little miracle? Whether your hair is dry and damaged, fine and weak or fragile and frizzy, this all-round rejuvenating treatment is gentle enough to daily use but intense enough to smooth, detangle, repair and nourish hair, all while boosting internal moisture levels and helping seal split ends. 

  • Includes UV filters for extra protection against hair color fade
  • Nourishes, repairs and protects with restorative Silk Proteins
  • Smoothes each strand and enhances shine with natural Sericite Mica

Apply to damp hair and distribute evenly from roots to ends before drying.

Flex Paste


Great for men or women, this pliable paste adds moldable texture and definition to any hair style. Formulated with Bentonite Clay for flexible strength and protection, and Pumpkin Seed, which provides zinc and magnesium for a re-mineralizing, hair-thickening effect. Used on damp or dry hair, it allows a natural matte finish. Idea for edge, end and curl control, and extra manageability.

  • Lets you remold your style during the day
  • Based on hair-healthy ingredients, it’s free of parabens and gluten
  • Won’t fade or alter hair color

Illusionist Spray


Create extra texture or bold volume any time with a spray that is so weightless, you’ll think it’s an illusion. Bentonite clay provides volume, texture, strength and supreme flexibility, while Sesame Seed Protein penetrates each strand to nourish and protect hair while boosting shine. You get long-lasting hold you can change at whim. Use it on damp or dry hair to enhance waves and curls.

  • Won’t alter hair that is colored or chemically treated
  • Allows lift-and-mist styling simplicity
  • Helps protect hair against heat damage

In Control Hairspray


Get long-lasting support the way you want it with this 3-in-1 adjustable hairspray. Humidity resistant, it lets you shape and control your style, while adding texture and/or volume. Sunflower Seed adds natural shine and UV protection. Grape Seed Extract reduces frizz and improves your hair’s overall health. Mist on wherever you want shape, lift, texture or control; then fingerstyle.

  • Resists humidity, allowing styles that won’t droop or drop
  • Adds strength for enduring hold that lasts all day
  • Does not contain gluten

Le Deux


Love your incredible curls in almost any weather. Le Deux tames unruly waves and curls, enhancing and defining them as it smoothes the cuticle and reduces frizz. Sunflower Seed Extract adds shine and protects hair color against UV fade. Sweet Pea protein adds essential moisture for smooth definition, while Magnesium adds an extra boost of hydration as it improves elasticity to minimize breakage.

  • Creates a silky smooth finish
  • Minimizes styling stress and breakage
  • Maintains optimum moisturization

Moisture Conditioner


The companion to Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner has all the same beneficial properties, including Coconut Milk Protein to intensely add moisture and boost the hair’s strength, Sunflower Seed Extract to add shine and protect hair color against fade and Rhodochrosite to seal the cuticle, locking in hair color and moisture balance. With anti-aging, collagen-building properties that help keep hair healthy and shiny.

• Creates a protective barrier against thermal and environmental damage
• Is sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben and gluten free
• Leaves hair smooth, shiny and silky strong

Moisture Shampoo


Great for all hair types, Moisture Shampoo drenches hair in moisture and boosts its strength with Coconut Milk Protein. Sunflower Seed Extract adds radiant shine and protects hair color against fade from the sun’s UV rays. Rhodochrosite seals in hair color and balances moisture levels. Formulated with anti-aging, collagen-building properties that help keep hair healthy and youthful looking, and create a protective barrier against environmental damage.

• Seals the cuticle for natural shine
• Contains no sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens or gluten
• Leaves hair with a healthy, natural feel

Versatile Styling Creme


Great for all hair types from curly to straight, this weightless cream tames strays, banishes frizz and adds natural shine without weighing hair down. Work it in evenly before styling to help create shape and texture, lift roots or define waves and curls. Pumpkin Seed provides flexible strength and manageability, while Kaolin Clay Extracts add hold without stickiness and reduces the oily build-up that can come from natural scalp oils. Contains no parabens or gluten.

• Provides thermal protection when blow drying or flat ironing
• Banishes frizz without adding weight or greasiness
• Great for adding touchable hold to long hair

Volume Conditioner


Give your hair an extra volume boost every day! Even fine, thinning, limp hair responds to re-mineralizing, which instantly plumps up each strand and visibly increases its diameter. Like Volume Shampoo, Volume Conditioner delivers nutrients deep inside the hair shaft. Quinoa Protein adds maximum volume and lift, while Bentonite Clay further plumps hair while strengthening and protecting it. With powerful collagen-building properties to enhance your hair’s health and protect it against further damage.

• Leaves hair flexible, resilient and super-shiny
• Protects against hair color fade and environmental aggressors
• Contains no sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens or gluten

Volume Shampoo


Who doesn’t want thicker-looking hair with body, bounce and volume? Volume Shampoo re-mineralizes hair instantly to visibly increase the diameter of each strand. Quinoa Protein penetrates to the inner cortex, delivering nutrients and vitamins that allow maximum volume, body and flexibility. Bentonite Clay further plumps, strengthens and protects hair. With added anti-aging properties, it seals the hair cuticle and protects against color fade and environmental damage.

  • Includes collagen-building ingredients for stronger, more resilient hair
  • Leaves hair shiny and highly moisturized, even with everyday use
  • Contains no sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens or gluten

Deep Repair Treatment


A keratin infused deep repair treatment that fortifies and strengthens hair while adding moisture, shine, and resilience with heat protection. Restore, repair, and rewind the clock on healthy hair.


  • for all hair types
  • dry and damaged hair
  • hair that is brittle or prone to breakage
  • hair that is frequently exposed to heat
  • hair that is frequently color-treated
  • hair prone to frizz and fly-aways
  • hair that is exposed to damaging environmental conditions


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